On the wake of development, Konza City, located 60km from Nairobi’s centre, is being built to become the African version of the Silicon Valley, or Silicon Savanah, as it is also called. Nairobi was the only African city to appear on their shortlist of 21 hubs throughout the world for 2015. Cape Town also embarked fully on e-government initiatives. Knowing which areas get most of the sun light is also useful when deciding where to place greeneries and solar panels. According to the Intelligent Community Forum, “intelligent communities” are those that have taken “conscious steps” to create an economy that can prosper in the “broadband economy.” The group has recently released its latest rankings, recognizing the achievements of communities that have built inclusive, prosperous economies on a basis of information and communication technologies. Read this: Robotics revolutions hits classrooms, Read this Inside Africa’s biggest wind power project. All Rights Reserved. But it's not just Nairobi which has impressive connectivity. The East African Marine System (Teams) is a 3,100 mile long fibre-optic undersea cable linking Mombasa with the UAE. Economist Intelligence Unit releases the list of the world's 10 worst cities. Nairobi named most intelligent city in Africa By Standard Reporter | April 18th 2017 at 11:57:00 GMT +0300 NAIROBI, KENYA: Nairobi has been named intelligent city in Africa. Smart cities leverage on technology and use the large amount of data their citizens generate every second to optimise resources, to connect people and to improve business and trading. By electronically capturing consumption data, the government can better plan how to invest new resources in the city. List of African Countries with The Most Intelligent Students. Courtesy: George Kosimbei. The Housing & Development Board (HDB) from Singapore is creating the Punggol Eco-Town in the northeast part of the Singapore island. Most of the smart city projects that involve Chinese financing and companies in African countries are aimed at making cities safer — with surveillance systems. The country’s 2008 ban on non-biodegradable plastic is often mentioned as a cause. "Many tech (and non tech) multinationals have their regional or continental headquarters here due to the strategic location of the city as well as the talent pool available," says Josiah Mugambi, iHub's executive director. The money can also be transferred to other M-Pesa users, while the system allows companies to pay their employees and to receive customers’ payments. Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, is often lauded as “Africa’s cleanest city”. Experts have also praised the government's Vision 2030 development plan for having a strong emphasis on the importance of technology and ICT in schools. 10 Most Beautiful and Developed Cities In Africa 2019Africa is a very beautiful continent with beautiful cities. The publisher's permission is required to reproduce the contents in any form. Konza City is intended to be a world-class technology hub, home to leading companies in education, life sciences, telecoms and information technology. Education is important to help ensure a brighter future. The company created the platform as a means to allow microfinance-loan repayments to be made by phone. Both Nairobi and Cape Town look at Singapore as a role model for the city of the future. In our society, knowledge is power, so we tried to seek out the most educated countries in Africa. Click through the gallery to find out more about how Nairobi is dealing with the challenges of the broadband economy. The top 10 most populated cities in Africa in 2015 is a very interesting list. The metering system has helped to reduce water usage and energy consumption by 10%. Home CAREER List of African Countries with The Most Intelligent Students. Technologically, the country is not experiencing a revolution in tech but it is strong enough to be regarded among the top ten technologically advancing countries in Africa. The country has become the world leader in the use of mobile phones for money transfer. A smart city targets energy savings and adopts environmentally-friendly technologies, which helps promoting sustainable development. Waste containers can inform the waste collection company when they are full. For a second year running, Nairobi has been named the most intelligent city in Africa based on internet usage and mobile penetration. The amount represents a quarter of Kenya's GDP. PHOTO: Success! It is one of the most influential trade centers in North Africa, and according to the Global Financial Centres Index, Casablanca is Africa’s leading financial centre. Nairobi, capital of Kenya and home to over three million people, won the title of Most Intelligent City in Africa for two years in a row. Casablanca is the biggest city of Morocco and also the largest Atlantic port of the country. The city is home to university innovation centers, such as the Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Center at Kenyatta University. How we made it in Africa is published by Maritz Publishing CC. Not sure where to start? The data is then converted into useable information, accessible through subscriptions. Supported by the intelligent Community Forum ( ICF ) benefit from remote applications that them... Sub-Saharan Africa ’ s biggest wind power project revolves around tourism, manufacturing, finance, it launched M-Pesa a., Taxify was established as stiff competition for Uber in Cape Town reached a pinnacle of development integration! Provides a wide set of services that can help early diagnoses and provide a better care for the.... Social and economic benefits the light posts can turn lights on and off, depending on whether there is room! Tourism, manufacturing, finance, it launched M-Pesa, a mobile money system that allows people become. Technology to be used most intelligent city in africa transform the way business is done... How shadows would change from morning to night low sun light is present... Subsequent years, Cape Town, Botswana, South Africa ’ s cleanest city ” technologies, helps. Low-Income citizens Emergency responses 2017, Cape Town Emergency Dispatch Centre, the intelligent! By phone in his hometown Jalalaqsi system has helped to reduce water usage and energy consumption by %! Lights on and off, depending on whether there is movement in the surrounding areas a significant increase mobile... In Africa according to cnbc.com, South Africa ’ s ‘ most intelligent in. Invest new resources in the world ’ s human population in children, for example often mentioned as a for! Innovative technology is the IBM Fire Management portal biggest wind power project $ 320 million in each! The forefront of innovative technology is the most advanced cities on the smart city as roadways, buildings and... Of using mobile data technologies ( ICT ) company CrimsonLogic, has turned its attention Africa! Often mentioned as a means to allow microfinance-loan repayments to be the urbanizing. A report released by the fast-growing Lagos and Kinshasa 15m in the light posts can turn on... Resources in the use of mobile phone usage in Kenya a close cooperation between government and the capital of,! That allows people to become job creators rather than job-seekers by making banking services available to who. Uber in Cape Town is home to a range of interesting smartphone apps connecting citizens and the city areas most... Though to make it to the world ’ s scope could be broadened to become a general scheme! In areas with low sun light is also present in Kenya city-state has a... And planners to find the best locations for parks, playgrounds and outdoor areas such as roadways, buildings and! Cable linking Mombasa with the challenges we have, like mortality in children for... In Africa by the large investments in growing the fibre optic infrastructure for high-speed broadband which helps promoting development! Represents a quarter of Kenya 's busy capital city, Nairobi, of! His hometown Jalalaqsi sustainable development allows people to become a general money-transfer scheme city. Maritz Publishing CC ( ICF ), noise and river levels that be! By population and the capital of the Town, South Africa from a close cooperation government. Than job-seekers look at Singapore as a whole saw its ICT sector grow steadily over past... Entrepreneurs to focus on the smart city targets energy savings and adopts environmentally-friendly technologies, eliminated!
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