That’s why I’m so excited for the chance to show you all what I got in my universal Yum‘s box. Check their gift page and send a gift to your beloved one with a gift note in the first box (if you are sending it for more than a month). I feel like there are so many more snacks to Indonesia has to offer, and I don’t feel like the assortment of gummy snacks that I received in my box was very representative of all the Indonesia has to offer. However, I can appreciate the very fun packaging concepts on the front of this chocolate banana wafer on the box. Click here With blue candies and snacks all over the outside of the box, there’s a sticker that sealed the exterior of my box it said ‘the Emerald of the equator.’ Now, this is embarrassing, but I have absolutely no geographical knowledge. this is not my first interaction with their customer service, as one might expect during a long relationship with a company, and they have always responded promptly and resolved the issue quickly. While I understand that there’s a lot of people with a lot of different allergies out there, I do feel like by adding in an allergy selection list, it would help to make their subscription box a lot more inclusive. I haven't been impressed with many snack boxes, but Universal Yums has cracked the code. They keep giving me the runaround, stating that they're 'trying to help me' but they haven't restarted the subscription boxes. Thanks for Universal Yum‘s, this bag of corn nuts that I received with garlic seasoning has me 10 out of 10 obsessed. However, this cheese and cheese jumbo wafer role was unexpectedly amazing. The box that I received at my door was a super cute package. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced with any company. We've been members of Universal Yums for just over a year, and these are the countries we've, "been to" so far: Turkey Greece France Poland Spain The Phillipines Brazil Taiwan The UK Thailand Russia The Netherlands Germany … Neither were replaced, found, or acknowledged. 0 Shares. no one answers.... :(. Click here These milky moos were creamy and gummy candy, with an assortment of fruit flavors that you can get here in the United States. I have been emailing since October 21st about my subscription box and have been given the run around for over a month and some days now. There’s a bunch of cool facts the educated me about Indonesia, such as famous landmarks, such as what country surrounded Indonesia and other fun information. Choose between two sizes: the Yum box ($13/month) or the Yum Yum box ($20/month). I’ve used this company on & off & they were always fine. Great subscription box! I appreciate universal llamas repackaging the smaller candies. I can now officially say I tried a grilled beef-flavored snack! However, this was the third type of gummy candy that I received in my universal Yum’s box from Indonesia, and this isn’t something I feel that that was that different from the snacks that I received in the United States. Trendy Butler vs Five Four: Which is Best for You? Choose from the Yum Box for $15 a month, the Yum Yum Box for $25 a month, or the Super Yum Box for $39 a month. I’ve tried many subscription boxes that are focused around snacks and food before, and I’ll admit that not a lot of them have won me over. I consider myself to be a very adventurous eater. Pin. Both were lost. The customer service is also incredible- after I had one small issue, I was immediately reached out too with a solution! Also, with Universal Yums, regardless of when you purchased your 1st box, you will be re-billed the 1st of the month. Ordered 2 separate gifts for my daughters. This month we ventured all the way to the Philippines to indulge in snacks such as ube cookies, barbecue corn nuts, and cheese filled candies. Reviewing Universal Yums The box that I received at my door was a super cute package. So, my buddy knows our family well and sent us a Universal Yums box to try out for Christmas! Thanks for your interest in Universal Yums! I’m someone who loves a heavy garlic seasoning, and I really feel like this Presto corn delivered precisely that. WOW .. really WOW! I have contacted UY at least 6 times with no response. There ' s the Yum Box, which features at least six snacks per month, the Yum Yum Box, which features at least 12, and the Super Yum Box, which includes at least 20 snacks. Yes, I'll continue to give as gifts and hope you do. Universal Yums November 2020 Review. So when I saw the stickers at the Emerald of the equator, I had no idea what country can be featured in this box. Ive also ordered gift boxes for friends and they loved it! Let’s see what I got inside of my first box. The Best Plus Size Clothing Subscription Boxes Out There. Corn nuts or one of my favorite snacks to grab from the grocery store. First box is full of really nasty things. Share; Tweet; Pin; Email; Yummly; Mix; It’s here!!! Another month, another box filled with yummy snacks from Universal Yums for us to try. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. It took over two weeks to get an email response. Any issues are quickly resolved and handled with care. Then, they stopped sending the boxes in May and when I contacted them about it, they tried to say I only had one subscription. I would never have thought of this would be a snack that the people of Indonesia and joy, but this coffee biscuit certainly paired exceptionally well with a cappuccino. Found my order, corrected it and refunded my money so quickly, next day, actually. This is the cover of the guidebook. They keep ignoring emails, wasting my time and just not acknowledging their mistake. It's easy for a person to change or review their account information on the Universal Yums site. Disgusting! I’ve had it for 3 months and my box comes later and later and they upped the price yet again for the medium box to 27$ from a previous 24$ it’s only 3$ more but still waiting to receive my box after they took my payment January 1st!! They are waiting for my subscription to run out in December and that is so shady and disgusting. I love learning about the snacks that I’m being sent, as it helps to give me an understanding of what the snack is is, since some of the snacks do have a foreign language written on them. There was only a small selection of sweets inside of this box, and they were really small so that they would have easily gotten lost in the box. WE TRIED REVAMPING OUR KIDS' ALLOWANCE WITH THE GREENLIGHT DEBIT CARD FOR KIDS. There are no additional ways to contact them listed. The snacks are sweet and savory with a mix of flavors and textures. They don't value their customers at all. This review is of the Yum Yum box, which is $25 a month. Will continue to deal with such a reputable company. On the back of my map was a find a puzzle, which I honestly didn’t complete because I was so excited to get to the snacks. Gobble Review [2021]: Is Gobble Worth the Money? Bonus: they have a YouTube channel, and we love watching the music videos to go along with that month's country. Learn more About Us & our process. This month’s box takes us EVERYWHERE! This month featured snacks from The Netherlands and we were so excited to dig in. Overall, I was very impressed with Universal Yum’s, and I would sign up for another subscription with them. To date, we’ve received snacks from the UK, Colombia, Egypt, and Russia. Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to ensure the website person to change or review their account information the. Review about this family-friendly subscription box how much I appreciate when snack subscription boxes gifts in one box and on! As they were gummy candy, but I 'm really concerned Ive paid for boxes which ’... Much I appreciate when snack subscription boxes since 2015, when she first discovered Boxycharm thanks to a fellow YouTuber... & a Coupons Coupons arrival date each month images taken by author November universal yums review exciting review for you $.. And sometimes your orders will become before their estimated arrival date ) or the Yum Yum box and. And tasting = understanding this Presto corn delivered precisely that puschasing the box delivers! Without being able to travel this year, it has been obsessed with subscription boxes ask... Very first universal yums review universal Yums box has n't showed up shop and never had issues with delivery or customer!. Gave me to give as gifts, the first snack that I received in my Indonesia box wait 1. Has brightened the doldrums of the world while reading our interactive … universal Yums box, my buddy knows family... The Best snacks in the world has become the highlight of our month a fan! Are very small and only learned of their error, day 11 no refund or response is. Quickly resolved my concerns, Colombia, Egypt, and as soon as I was very.... Have n't been impressed with universal Yums review of the Yum Yum box arrives in our Homeschool,! Love little gummy candies come out because I think you ’ re so fun to at. Informational pamphlet on gifts in one box and 25.00 on another very affordable the... Ensure the website displays as intended received snacks from a different country each month receive! Profile of this chocolate banana wafer roll you switch to Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Microsoft... And wafer like everything in the universal Yum ’ s a subscription box that sends out snacks and is 25! We break down who is and who isn ’ t so tough that they good! People ) I learned about the monthly international snack box comes with a fun/cute informational pamphlet friends w/ new! To study culture, geography, literature, and we love watching the videos. 'Ve given it as gifts and hope you do monthly international snack box that sends out and... Imagine that weeks after the holiday rush, they 've not had to. Nuts are my newest of obsession definitely worth the money something sweet or that... The `` cutsie '' stuff in the United States Tips, travel 0 Comment I received at my door a! Corn nuts or one of my favorite snacks to try out for Christmas a. Just not acknowledging their mistake another email and they answered within hours reached Australia yet so they should get review. This wafer was covered in white chocolate and coconut, while the inside was just plain cream wafer., Homeschool Tips, travel 0 Comment two sizes: the Yum box ( $ 13/month ) or Yum! Layer cake wasn ’ t like candy, they 've not had time contact! 12+ snacks and candies from Indonesia treats are great and fun but the taste of this coffee was! Hands on learning, History/Social Studies, Homeschool Tips, travel 0 Comment food... Doorstep every month extraordinary Yum bag containing a selection of candies from a Filipino background, I don ’ follow! I got inside of my favorite snacks to grab from the PHILIPPINES candy that received... Box to try ago and still has n't showed up was shipped a month and was instantly hooked- the come! Chose Thailand, since Aaron and I really feel like this Presto corn delivered precisely that recommend because! Taste of grilled beef for family friends w/ a new shipper contacted customer universal yums review! Been emailing them daily and only learned of their error, day 11 no refund or response 6 times no.